GSoC Accelerometer-based Gestures Update 6

Paul-Valentin Borza paulvalentin at
Sat Jul 5 10:05:41 CEST 2008

I had a busy week as I had by thesis defense on Tuesday - got a 10 :)
Nevertheless, I made a bitbake recipe and created a package for the
gestures. Big thanks to Daniel for helping me here!
The package contains my 3 shared libs (accelneo, accelwii, ges), two apps
(gesd, gesapp) and the configuration files and models which are placed in
Everything works on the Neo, except that not so well as the gestures were
trained for the Wii which is in the +/-4G range and the accelerometer is not
tilted with 45 degrees as in the Neo.
I will modify the gesapp (training app) to work with the accels on the Neo
(currently, only the gesd works with the accelerometer in the Neo) - should
be ready today.
And then re-estimate the gestures on the Neo and upload the package on
Remember that for now, it just echoes back the recognized gesture - enough
for everybody to see how the system works.

I have published my thesis papers here{D8375243-66F1-4CE2-B053-08313FA3D410}
Those papers will serve as theory for my implementation. You can take a look
at the cover, abstract, paper, and presentation. They are all uploaded

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