GSoC Accelerometer-based Gestures Update 6.1

Paul-Valentin Borza paulvalentin at
Sat Jul 5 16:52:36 CEST 2008

I've released a package; download from:
Install on Neo with: opkg install gestures_0.1.0-svnr76-r1_armv4t.ipk
Run on Neo with:

It will say that it has loaded the configuration with eight gestures
left (Left1)
left-right (Left2)
right (Right1)
right-left (Right2)
up (Up1)
up-down (Up2)
down (Down1)
down-up (Down2)

Note that the gestures weren't trained at all, their just populated with my
initial estimates. Nevertheless, they work pretty well.
Be QUICK, and NATURAL when you make a gesture! Don't move your hand to the
left like a robot, be flexible when you make any gesture, and be quick.
If you feel that the classifier doesn't recognize the frames as gestures as
often as you'd like, you're right - the classes are the ones that were
trained for the Wii.
I'll create and train the classifier for the Neo in the next week. Got some
code reviewing to do tomorrow - the code  got ugly.

Feel free to try and comment.

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