3D support?

Marc Palmans marcpalmans at telenet.be
Sat Jul 5 20:52:10 CEST 2008

> I've been working on the XFree86 S3 drivers since ~1993
> for many years,
> now this might have been a  new fun project?!   btw: in
> the _really_ early days
> it was very easy to get S3 databooks without any
> paperwork, only the erratas
> ans stepping infos always have been head to get (at least
> in time, not 2 years later;)
> oh well, I should have read the wiki more detailed before
> beleaving those talks...
> or are there any plans for a "solution" for this issue ??

There is a plan "b" but could you please email s-media requesting 
documentation. I've already emailed them without success and several others 
have also emailed them without success.

I regret I used my personal email address when I contacted them instead of 
my professional address.

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