SHR First steps

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Sun Jul 6 11:55:59 CEST 2008


* Bobby Martin <bobbymartin2 at> [05-07-08 23:06]:
> 1)
> The FSO is the build with the most stable calls and suspend/resume.
> Those seem to be the real sticky bits of the suite (as well as some of
> the most important for day-to-day use), so I think our first target
> for SHR should be simply to reproduce a stable (and repeatable) build
> of the FSO, but in an environment in which we can apply our future
> changes.
I thought suspend/resume is on all images the same!

> 4)
> I think the 2007.2 suite of phone & PIM applications are the most
> ready for day to day use right now, so I propose that we change those
> apps to use ophoned as the backbone instead of phonekit/gsmd.  I
> *think* they almost exclusively use the PhoneKit dbus interface to
> access the gsm now, so I intend to write an adapter from PhoneKit to
> ophoned and modify the dependencies so those apps that access the
> phone depend on our new adapter.
I thought, the OM-Team changed from 2007.2 GtK Apps to Qtopia, because
the Qtopia Apps are more ready for day to day use.

Tim Niemeyer
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