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Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at
Sun Jul 6 13:05:19 CEST 2008

su, 2008-07-06 kello 11:55 +0200, Tim Niemeyer kirjoitti:
> I thought, the OM-Team changed from 2007.2 GtK Apps to Qtopia, because
> the Qtopia Apps are more ready for day to day use.

I on the other hand though it was more that the whole of qtopia gsm
backend (which is its own animal and quite separate from FSO) and the
qtopia apps was more ready for day to day use than any other full set.
The gsmd stack used by the GTK apps (which weren't so bad themselves,
though certainly in need of further UI tweaking) wasn't/isn't too
stable, and the FSO stack, well, did it exist? Certainly no apps aside
from the simple zhone dialer exist for it at this point even.

Personally I'm not so sure if that was the right way to go in light of
the GSM backend going to FSO anyway and Qtopia apparently requiring more
work than expected (though the latter at least is 20/20 hindsight, of
course). Luckily it's certainly not a waste regardless, as the overall
work to run Qtopia on X11 is justified for leveraging the Qtopia
application base alone.

If the Qtopia phone apps are to be used in the FSO future, the qtopia
phone functions need to be made to call the FSO stack instead; don't
know how much work that'd take.

Meanwhile, I'm quite happy about the SHR project, shifting the existing
imperfect but quite workable GTK apps on the FSO stack. I don't have
sufficient motivation or dedication to offer to work on it, but I'll
certainly be interested in testing.

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