Accelerometer problem

Timo Drick timo at
Sun Jul 6 15:15:20 CEST 2008

Hi all,

i play with the new Freerunner GTA02 and mentioned the problems with 
reading both accelerometers. With the /dev/input/event2/3.
I search the mailing list and found reports of that problem but no 
solution. Do i have to activate the second accelerometer or is there a 
way to read both accelerometers.
I plan to control a rc-car with the Freerunner. For the first tries one 
accelerometer is enough. But sometimes the event2 works and sometimes 
event3 (I observed the same behaviour discussed earlier the both 
accelerometer switch after each reboot). The second accelerometer is 
twisted 45° so it does matter which accelerometer is used.

best regards

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