GSoC Flexible Answering machine update

Frederik Sdun frederik.sdun at
Mon Jul 7 02:12:19 CEST 2008


here is my update for this week:

- still working on the UI 
- i tried to create a vapi file for ECAL anf other depencies, but only
covered a bug in the vapigen generator. started to create it by hand but
the header have ~6800 LOCs.
- the module classes can now load there values and i tested loading of
the classes. works for now.

	make openmoko-devel-image fails with:
	NOTE: package linux-openmoko-2_2.6.24+git0
9250c1fc7d6f62075d14ad8f396748490a55d61e-r0: task do_fetch: started
	fatal: Not a git repository

	is there a easy way to record a file from the mic? best would be a
method i GLib.

next tasks:
	waiting for fix in vapigen.
	starting to test code and UI on the device
	pass all exams.


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