GSoC SMS middleware 3

Patryk Szymczak patryk.szymczak at
Mon Jul 7 17:10:48 CEST 2008

I have successfully managed to pass all exams.
I am about to finish implementation of SMS spam filters and SMS
filters server. I am in phase of tests right now.

- any deviations if yes why?

- what was achieved?
Application that allows to:
* simulate incoming SMS (flush it) and checks if this is a spam
* allows to add custom text filters and sim filters
* allows to commit whose filters to external server
* allows to update latest filters from external server

- what's planned?
tests, full py.test coverage

- open issues?
Need to discuss how to organise architecture of SMS RPC.


Patryk Szymczak
mobile: +48 695759817

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