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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Wednesday, 9. July 2008 01:05:31 Andy Green wrote:
|> What's the SD card issue?
|> Otherwise sounds fine to make it a module.  You can't use NFS rootfs on
|> it AFAIK due to needing association sorted out first, that was the only
|> reason I could think to keep it in monolithic kernel for normal use.
| For the full details Holger should comment here but it was something
like that
| we need the kernel module to run to detect a SD card insert action.
I'm not
| 100% sure about it.

OK I don't think it makes us trouble for Glamo side where actual SD card
is sitting.  We do not detect SD insertion there anyway.

But there is some funny pnp stuff in the WLAN to do with "insertion"
event of WLAN somehow from cold, it can be something about that... maybe
the PNP bits need to be in kernel.  Definitely worth trying anyway and
see if it blows up.

- -Andy

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