ANN: mickeydbus 0.9

Marcel Holtmann marcel at
Tue Jul 8 22:34:21 CEST 2008

Hi Mickey,

> with the framework we see an increasing amount of dbus interaction. Since the 
> syntax of dbus-send is quite a pain, I decided to write something 
> lean-and-mean to facilitate interaction and introspection with dbus.
> I'm pleased to announce mickeydbus 0.9. Grab it @ 
> git:// -- note that it 
> needs python-dbus.

that is really nice for debugging and testing. I have the "introspect"
command in libgdbus that can do something similar.

I am still on my search for such a tool, but it has to be done in C for
some really small devices. Might have to do it by myself :)



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