GTA04 and beyond

Paul Jimenez pj at
Wed Jul 9 04:34:15 CEST 2008

  I think it was IBM who just kind of punted and were selling a PDA with 
an FPGA built into it.  That sounded like a cool idea to me... Listening 
to music? Set up a hardware mp3 decoder.  Watching a video? Set up a 
hardware mp4 decoder.  Add some AtoD and an antenna and I think you can 
do SDR fairly easily.  Not to mention a bunch of the research around 
making FPGAs self-optimize based on what software they're running (think 
Hotspot, but in hardware).

On a more prosaic note, external access to microSD cards (two would be 
nice) would be nice.  Or even just one internal, one external, cut back 
on the amount of internal flash, and boot/run off the internal microSD.

And of course more RAM (everything's faster with RAM) would be nice - 
though if we can't have a socket for an SO-DIMM, can we consider using 
lower-power (I think) SRAM instead of SDRAM?

Stick with mini-USB; I hear China mandated it, and it's nice and 
standard anyway, so that's a good choice.  Plus your customers have some 
investment in chargers & cables.  Or go micro-USB - half the height, 
otherwise fairly similar.  And still standardish.  Maybe add another 
port so there's one dedicated host and one dedicated gadget port.

Temperature sensors? Proximity sensors?  Light sensors? Simple A/D 
contact surfaces would be interesting.

Just more brainstorming for your enjoyment - I'm sure this has mostly 
been thought of before.


Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
> Am Di  8. Juli 2008 schrieb Jay Vaughan:
>>> if it's a multi-core
>>> SOC... now we are talking.
>> Would, indeed, be seriously nice to talk about this for gta03/04/05/..
> For GTA03 the features list is pretty much closed by now. 04 that's a 
> different thing.
> "03 is about evolution. 04 is about revolution"
> /jOERG

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