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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Tue, 08 Jul 2008 18:45:33 +0100 Andy Green <andy at> babbled:
| Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| |> Otherwise sounds fine to make it a module.  You can't use NFS rootfs on
| |> it AFAIK due to needing association sorted out first, that was the only
| |> reason I could think to keep it in monolithic kernel for normal use.
| |
| | imho everything we can make a module - should be. sd card drivers,
all fs
| | handling other than jffs2, sysfs and procfs, wifi, etc. etc.
| |
| | yes - you can't  boot the sd kernel off sd card then with rootfs
| there, but
| | root on sd is not something our production systems need. we can
change the
| | packaging to build 2 kernels, 1 modular, 1 monolithic for kernel devs to
| | quickly test things with.
| That doesn't make any sense, SD card boot is really valuable and even
| appears in the U-Boot menu, what's the point of breaking it?  SD Card
| boot is very nice for customers and definitely not some weird low level
| thing.
|> 1. we dont ship with that uboot menu - or we shouldnt be. the uboot
env i know
|> we ship waits 3 seconds then just boots.


|> 2. if users really want it they can use the monolithic kernel. thats
why i said
|> we build different images. one that is streamlined for fast boot -
everything is
|> a module where we can manage it to avoid having to wait for things
like sdio
|> init, wlan init etc. before even starting to run userspace init.

Did you see the last bootchart?  Is everyone focused on the 6 seconds
possible flab in kernel and kneecapping the device therefore because of
the sheer impossibility of doing anything else about the other two
minutes bringing userspace stuff up?

|> 3. why is it nice? seriously how may customers do u expect to boot
off sd card.
|> i have in fact never booted off sd card for example. i know some
people do -
|> like you, thus provide images for them that can do it - for the rest,
move sd
|> to a module.

I guess I failed to check if you did it before I started doing it months
ago and found it was nice.  I explained a very strong reason --->

| For example, customers can choose to give community builds a test run
| like that without nuking the NAND with it.  Of course it should not be
| broken in normal builds.
| -Andy
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