Cannot re-flash the debug board

Alessandro Sappia a.sappia at
Thu Jul 10 10:15:01 CEST 2008

Hi all,
Yesterday evening I finally had time to check my FreeRunner? and its
Debug Board.

First of all I opened the Freerunner and made all the requested
connection between the openmoko and the debug board (the cable and the
USB connector), next I connected the debug board to my PC.

I see that my USB ID 0403:6010 request I need to reflash the debug board.

So I started my tries with linux.
Downloaded libftdi -> applied patch from
Hunk 1 failed ... done manual patching
Hunk 2 Succeed with Fuzz 1
Rechecked ftdi.c, it seems ok.

Compiled and installed OK

Downloaded ftdi_eeprom -> applied patch from


Now let's try to patch
# ftdi_eeprom --flash-eeprom ftdi_eeprom/neo1973_debug_board_v2.ftdi

Error: No device with vendor id 1457:5118

Ok let's see
tried to substitute vendor id and product id inside the .ftdi, but
Cannot Flash

Let's try with Windows
Downloaded MProg3.0

Started MProg3.0
Applied "Scan for Available Devices"
Number Of Blank Devices = 0
Number Of Programmed Devices = 0

Simply I see the device connected, but I'm unable to apply the correct

I wrote this also to the

does anyone is in my same situation ?

thanks a lot

Alessandro Sappia
a.sappia at

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