Accelerometer problem

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Thu Jul 10 11:56:40 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On the OM2007.2 images it is the neod which opens the accelerometers. No
| reason for doing so, even more as neod starts to eat 50% CPU, because
| the am's send both 100 events per second...
| If anybody is interested, I recompiled the neod without this and without
| the click-sound. Drop me a mail.
| No more probs with the am's and everything a lot faster.

Well I am glad to hear it can be made stable, because I did believe I
fixed the instability last patch set.

However I don't get why neod sucking on the input device too makes
trouble (other than the CPU load or whatever).  The input layer in Linux
takes care about copying the input content around consistently so
everyone with the input device open gets one copy of what's happening.
Ie, the accel driver is not aware that there are multiple apps
listening.  I guess it is a bug in the accel driver somehow still, but a
much less worrying one that the SPI sharing difficulties until now.

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