O2 Germany Homezone

smurfy - phil openmoko at smurfy.de
Thu Jul 10 19:22:19 CEST 2008


i have O2 in Germany,
O2 gives you a "Homezone" this is a defined area in your city where you 
get a cheaper tariff.

For that matter, O2 stores 1 to 4 coordinates on your sim card.
They also send Cellbroadcast messages with the current position of the 
cell you using.

I wrote a small daemon which uses libgsmd to get this sim infos and 
cellbroadcasts and writes a file (/var/run/homezone-state)

I also wrote a small test gtk app which displays HomeZone or Mobile in 
the title, because i cant get the panels apps to compile.

I run into some Problems.

1. as mentioned i cant get the panel apps to compile (take a look at my 
other post)
2. where should i store the "state" file?
3. i have problems getting the cell broadcast messages. if i power the 
antenna down and register i receive successfully the cellbroadcast and 
the homezone detection works, but after the first broadcast i get no new 
one if i enter or leave the homezone.
4. some devs here which want to test it?



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