Doc Confusion re Source for FSO?

Jeff Rush jeff at
Thu Jul 10 19:22:59 CEST 2008

Hi, I'm trying to get back into OM after seeing FSO and getting excited about 
it again.  FSO milestone 1 is running great here on a gta01, and for the first 
time I am able to make and receive phone calls and the phone runs for hours 
without the battery going dead.

So as a first step I would like to rebuild FSO milestone 1 and then start 
tweaking it, adding back in the missing support for the SD card and NFS 
client.  But I'm finding the docs to be mixed up still, at a very basic level.

1. MokoMakefile comes with:

    but the instructions at the following wiki page:

    say to change that to:

    Where is the actual source code for FSO being kept these days, OM or OE?

2. When running "make setup" for a fresh environment, I see that it does a lot 
of SVN checkouts of OM-2007.2 before getting to the stage of selecting ASU, 
FSO or GTK.  Is it really necessary to pull down stuff that may not be used?

3. On Micky's blog, Mickey says that Rod has added "framework-image" as a 
target to get an FSO build, but there is no such target.  There is an "fso" 
target though.

Thanks for any help,


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