Doc Confusion re Source for FSO?

Rod Whitby rod at
Fri Jul 11 10:28:01 CEST 2008

Jeff Rush wrote:
> 1. MokoMakefile comes with:
>    but the instructions at the following wiki page:
>    say to change that to:
>    Where is the actual source code for FSO being kept these days, OM or OE?

The bleeding edge FSO is in OE I believe.  Mickey told me that he 
doesn't even have write acess to the OM git repository.

But OE and OM sync regularly (done by Graeme I believe).

> 2. When running "make setup" for a fresh environment, I see that it does 
> a lot of SVN checkouts of OM-2007.2 before getting to the stage of 
> selecting ASU, FSO or GTK.  Is it really necessary to pull down stuff 
> that may not be used?

Probably not, but working out in advance whether you're going to build 
one or the other is a bit hard, and the SVN repositories are not 
structured such that you can easily checkout just the bits required for 
one image or another.

> 3. On Micky's blog, Mickey says that Rod has added "framework-image" as 
> a target to get an FSO build, but there is no such target.  There is an 
> "fso" target though.

I expect framework-image would be referring a Bitbake recipe that Mickey 
is referring to.  Mickey (being an OE core developer) doesn't use the 

-- Rod

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