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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| matt_hsu schrieb:
|> timo wrote:
|>> Hi,
|>> is anybody out there who try to compile pjsip on the opnemoko?
|>    Hi Timo,
|>    Wow, it seems that I'm not the only one who is trying to put pjsip
|> on Neo. I've compiled pjsip with openmoko toolchain. There's no error.
|> But I've not try to run this application, since I need to configure
|> out the audio configuration/path first. Anyway, I will keep update my
|> status here. :-)
| Ok cool,
| i compiled pjsip on openmoko too. I am already able to make sip calls
| but also has to configure the audio system right. So i was not able to
| get the mic input.
| I read the wiki about the openmoko sound system but i do not found the
| right stat file for VoIP. Just gsm and bluetooth headset configuration
| is available.

Have a look in here:


These *.state files are the Alsa state files used for factory test.
Can't vouch for all of them but several at least are definitely good.

Right click on "raw" and Save As...

- -Andy

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