Problem with openmoko-panel apps

smurfy - phil openmoko at
Sat Jul 12 15:35:58 CEST 2008


i just created a new panel app, it compiles and i am able to create a 
ipkg file and install it on my freerunner
i modded the /etc/matchbox/session file to start the applet at startup.

after a xserver restart (or even reboot) the applet does not appear. 
after a closer look i see a gap between two other applets if i switch 
the condition of showing / hiding the applet i see the gap go away and 
reappear. so the applet itself works, but somehow does not display its icon.

and here comes the strange part: if i do a "matchbox-panel-2 
--end-applets openmoko-panel-hz"  in the OM terminal i receive a 
additional panel with a fully working applet (i can see the icon and all 
works fine).

if i add the line to the matchbox session file i also get another panel, 
but no icon. (i guess its the same like the normal panel problem but no 
other icons to see the gap :D)

so what could be the problem with the display?

i also tried compiling the applet with and without 
--enable-maintainer-mode (but i don't know what that changes anyway :D)

if someone give me a hint?



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