MokSec - The Security Framework

Alex Oberhauser oberhauseralex at
Sun Jul 13 13:03:36 CEST 2008

Hi Guys,

a few months ago we have planned to improve the security of our beloved
Neo, after we have read about desires of the community regarding to the
security issue.

And here we are. Today I will present you our project MokSec.

What is MokSec?

MokSec is framework which target is to improve the security of the mobile
devices which are based on OpenMoko (and other frameworks which are running on

What is our main focus at the moment?

The main focus is the encryption over GSM. This is very complicated issue and
for this we searching developer which are willing to work with us on this
interesting project.

What are the other components?

At the moment we only working on a phone firewall, which will be
blocking/accepting incoming calls. Later one we will add other projects or
developer will be able to add their projects.

Were you can find more informations?
====================================                         : The main page                           : The git repositories : The mailinglist

We hope that a lot of people will work with us on the security issue.

Happy programming

Alex Oberhauser

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