Jim Morris ml at
Sun Jul 13 21:37:23 CEST 2008


I am a big Ruby fan, not so much Python :(

I see that there is a Ruby dbus library, however the version opkg installs of ruby is 1.8.5 which is 
pretty old, and it does not have the socket or thread libraries installed which are pretty much 
standard and are required by the dbus library.

I'm willing to package up the latest stable release of ruby (1.8.6P111) and work on the socket and 
thread libs, however I am new to the build tools, so whoever did this original package, if they are 
no longer supporting it, could they send me what they did to get as far as they have? Anything to 
bootstrap the process. cross building ruby is tricky at best, so any pointers would be great.


Jim Morris,

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