Problem with receiving Cell Broadcast messages

smurfy - phil openmoko at
Tue Jul 15 00:19:04 CEST 2008

 >No idea about the module, but gsmd is not to blame. I added cell
 >support to ogsmd and see the same behaviour. How is this working on a
 >level? Where do you know the 15s from?

I wrote a mail to the author of the o2 celltower list (
Even its not 15s i received only 1 cellbroadcast in 10h. if i disable
and enable cellbroadcast with the two AT commands
i receive a new cb in about 10 seconds.

as it called broadcast i think the towers send it every x seconds and if
my cellphone is ready it receives it.

He also wrote, that most devices only shows one message and the next one
if the message changes.

But i drove around 5 km and switched ~4 times my celltower and i
received no new cellbroadcastmessage.
So something must be different in the freerunner's  gsm behavior,
because with my nokia cellphone the homezone switch works just fine.

About the lower level part, lower than gsm (/dev/tty....) we can't get

for the AT+CNMI, the only possible options for the cell broadcast
messages are 0 (disable) and 2 .
if i try to set 1 or 3 i get an cme 500 error (unknown error)


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