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Wed Jul 16 02:51:10 CEST 2008

Hey, I like the merged list, but I want to have it as a digest.  I've been added but don't know my password.  How do I change from single emails to digest form?


"Neng-Yu Tu (Tony Tu)" <tony at> wrote: > Let me add a bit more here...Tony Tu will be "moderating" this support 
> list and helping to organizing a knowledge base out of everyone's 
> questions / support issues. He will explain more shortly...
> Please try your best to keep this list on topic. It's for support for 
> existing device owners. Not questions about how the device or software 
> functions.
> Hopefully this will help us react faster to one another. Thanks!

Yes, i will stay tune on the support at list if device 
owner have hardware/software issues, and direct problem/bugs for real 
hardware/software/sales people for detail support.

For hardware performance issue (like GPS TTFF), and general hardware 
quality issues, please also post on support at

We don't have explicit support procedure yet, I will keep update the page and maybe another later.


Tony Tu (Neng-Yu Tu)

support mailing list
support at

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