opkg issues. best way to run opkg

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On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 5:20 AM, Yohann (YC) Coppel <leppoc at gmail.com>

> The problem is that if I run the command by ssh, the connection is cut
> during the process:
> Restarting Dropbear SSH server: Connection to closed by
> remote host.
> .... and the upgrade is probably stopped as well.
> And if I run it from the terminal on the FR, the upgrade is stopped
> when X restarts at some point during the process.
> So, how should I run it ? (there are a lot of packages to be updated,
> running the command one package at a time is excluded)

My recipe:

1. open terminal in the phone
2. # opkg upgrade > upgrade.log &
3. ssh from your PC/laptop into the phone
4. # tail -f upgrade.log
5. If you are disconnected, just reconnect and run 4. again

This way you also get a log, which may be useful if something crashes.

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