GTA01 bug classification

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Dec 3 10:08:42 CET 2007

Hi Willie, Wolfgang,

Wolfgang gave me a list of potential GTA01-only bugs to classify and
prioritize. Here are my comments:

P#82 implement and test cpufreq interface to S3C2410 PLL / SLOWCLK
  Yes, GTA01-specific. Not urgent.
P#149 lm4857 not i2c address compliant
  Yes, GTA01-specific (GTA02 uses a different chip, without I2C).
  Should be done when merging the driver upstream.
P#872 Implement GPS and BT power in neod power button menu
  The BT power control should be the same in GTA02 (please check).
  Not really low-level.
P#194 s3c2410fb 8bit mode corrupt
  Yes, GTA02-specific. This should probably be combined with the QVGA
P#695 Hold button on headset does not report events
  This should be the same, or at least very similar, in GTA02 as well
  (please check). If this doesn't work yet in GTA02, this would be a
  design verifcation issue.
P#806 Standby voltage set to 2.1V, not 1.8V as datasheet says.
  Yes, GTA01-specific. This one definitely wants looking into.
P#900 Power cycles on and off while charging
  GTA01-specific. May be hard to reproduce and narrow down.

So for this list, I'd say the priorities are:
GTA02: P#695, P#872
GTA01: P#806, try to reproduce P#900, P#194, P#149, P#82

- Werner

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