[PATCH 0/3] NOR Flash Support

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Thu Dec 20 17:40:00 CET 2007

Hi folks -

This adds the NOR Flash support against

The first patch patches the kernel config and adds the code to register
the NOR device.  The NOR device is probed first and gets to own the
/dev/mtdblock0 slot, so the NAND partitions follow on from
/dev/mtdblock1 all moved down by one.

In order that an absent NOR flash (which can happen with GTA-02 A2 and
earlier) still takes up the /dev/mtdblock0 slot and doesn't cause the
partitions to shift around, CONFIG_MTD_ROM is enabled so the probe won't
fail one way or the other.

The new ownership of /dev/mtdblock0 means we need the second patch,
which is against devirginator's environment.in and adjusts it to tell
the kernel the rootfs is not on /dev/mtdblock5, and also provides the
kernel with the mtd partition information to match the NOR flash first.

The third patch is a couple of scripts that may come in handy for
someone some day, one parses environment.in to create a U-Boot
compatible environment block, and the second dfu's it to the right
place.  If nobody is interested, ignore them.

Lastly I would use stg's mail facilities but these patches are not all
from the same tree, so I am attaching them by hand.


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