Kernel patch submission process

Ben Dooks ben at
Fri Feb 16 18:48:09 CET 2007

I would like to get the patch submission process started,
and as such, think we have a chance of getting at least
some of the patches into the current kernel release.

I am going to put out some of the patches I would like to
get submitted to the list for everyone to have a look at,
and to get ACK/NAKs from people (mainly Harald as the
original author of these).

These patches may not be complete, but it is my intention
of merging as much as possible to the current kernel to
ease some of the changes that are currently being developed
as well as reducing the number of patches being held in 
the openmoko repository. 

I aim to post patches with a comment on the top, and then
the intended email (with who it is going to) underneath
that, with patches inline.


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