Modem wakeup...

andrzej zaborowski balrogg at
Tue Jul 24 15:07:06 CEST 2007

On 24/07/07, Nils Faerber <nils.faerber at> wrote:
> Arnaud Patard (Rtp) schrieb:
> > Nils Faerber <nils.faerber at> writes:
> >> Arnaud Patard (Rtp) schrieb:
> >>> Nils Faerber <nils.faerber at> writes:
> >>> I've no idea on how the modem is working too but at least I can see that
> >>> there's a irq handler for a "modem wakeup" interrupt. Unfortunately, I
> >>> don't see where the gpio is configured to do interrupts.
> >>>
> >>> Can you try adding :
> >>> s3c2410_gpio_cfgpin(GTA01_IRQ_MODEM, S3C2410_GPF1_EINT1);
> >>>
> >>> before set_irq_type(GTA01_IRQ_MODEM, IRQT_RISING); in
> >>> mach-gta01:gta01_machine_init() ?
> >> Something is very strangenow...
> >> If I add the above command the NEO does not boot-up anymore, "kernel
> >> panic, unable to mount rootfs, tried jffs2".
> > oh :(
> No problem, I know that this is development stuff and not final wisdom ;)
> >> I tried several times, both on V3 and V4.
> >> After I removed the command again everything returned to normal, device
> >> boots.
> >> What side effect could
> >>      s3c2410_gpio_cfgpin(GTA01_IRQ_MODEM, S3C2410_GPF1_EINT1);
> >> possibly have concerning the NAND Flash?
> >
> > too bad. My fault. sorry :(
> Really no problem!
> I rather try broken stuff than nothing at all. So also wrong tries are
> greatly appreciated! And besides... also failures serve a purpose: You
> learn how not to do it ;)
> > This should have been:
> > s3c2410_gpio_cfgpin(S3C2410_GPF1, S3C2410_GPF1_EINT1);

I would bet on either EINT0/GPF0 or EINT1/GPF1 to be the modem interrupt signal.

I don't know if the modem needs to be configured into some "sleep"
mode to start driving that signal. Maybe some command like AT+CMUX is
used for that, but it's unlikely. None of the TI-specific commands
that are printed by AT+CLAC seems to be related to this either (I
don't have the documentation, but I found that there is a publicly
available documentation for a modem called "Enfora Enabler III" that
uses many of the same non-standard commands).

If we can't work that out, it's always possible to just configure the
modem so that it doesn't print any unsolicited responses other than
the new call/new SMS indication ones, and set uart0 as a wake-up event
source. It would be interesting to see how the other smartphones (Treo
or HTC) do that, perhaps by running their ROMs in an emulator,
shouldn't be very hard.


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