[PATCH] hxd8-touchscreen.patch

Johnny_Wu Johnny_Wu at fiwin.com.tw
Fri Jun 1 04:57:24 CEST 2007

Hi Harald,

I checked the the codes of "30 consecutive samples" with our new SHARP LCD 
I think the codes of "30 consecutive samples" can be removed from the patch.
But please keep the ".oversampling_shift = 4," in the patch.
The reason is that the new SHARP LCD has a good sensitivity so that there is 
no noises when touching.
The noises are appeared when using poor LCD.
Sorry to make you misunderstand.


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> Hi Johnny, please make sure to keep openmoko-kernel at lists.openmoko.org
> always in the Cc (I've attached your patch to this mail for the
> reference of other readers of that list).
> I've also explicitly Cc'ed the author of the original 2410 touchscreen
> driver, Arnaud Patard.
> I'm not entirely sure if that patch really belongs into kernel space.
> The kernel touchscreen driver has the task of passing on raw touchscreen
> X/Y samples to the userspace, where tslib will take care of all the
> post-processing.
> Can you please explain exactly what you are trying to do in your code?
> I can read it, but it is not entirely obvious to me what you're trying
> to do.  Basically you only want to report a touchscreen press after 30
> consecutive samples have indicated that it was pressed?
> Is this something specific about the touchscreen that hxd8 uses? Is it
> particularly sensitive?
> Once I know more about this, we can decide if the same can be achieved
> by either a different tslib configuration, or a tslib module.
> Thanks.
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