How to support(drive) all 3 UARTs of S3C2410

Stefan Schmidt stefan at
Sat Mar 24 02:51:39 CET 2007


On Thu, 2007-03-22 at 22:19, Jarod Wang wrote:
> Since I am using a custom board using exactly the same processor and
> NAND Flash chip with Neo1973, I wonder how to configure and/or modify
> the vanilla Linux kernel source to support all the 3 UARTs of
> S3C2410.

Not sure what you like to do, but be aware that you can only use the
third UART on this SoC without auto flow contol as nRTS2 and nCTS2 are
not available.

The data sheet for this SoC is available on the samsung website.
Chapter 11 tells you everything about the UARTs.

> Moreover, the board's vendor only provided me 2.4.18-rmk7 ARM
> Linux, I'd also like to know how to configure and/or modify this
> source code(Linux 2.4.18) to support all the 3 UARTs too.

Don't invest work in such a old kernel. Nobody will help you with
problems on obsolete kernels. And also think about all the bugs that
were fixed for this hardware in newer kernels.

Stefan Schmidt
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