[PATCH] jbt6k74: Add support for QVGA.

Stefan Schmidt stefan at datenfreihafen.org
Sat Mar 24 03:22:43 CET 2007


This patch adds support for the QVGA fullscreen capabilities of the

* Add proper register init.

* Add a fourth state (normal-qvga)to the state machine.

The second patch enabled the support with a hack. Switching through
the SysFS state file does not work. It only reports me deep-standy all
the time. Harald, had this worked for you in the past?

The biggest remeining problem is the that is does not work together
correctly with the framebuffer driver. Setting it to 240x320 and use
the timings from the data sheet did not work.

Set the register via JTAG gives us better, but still not complete
correct, picture. But set this values for the framebuffer does not
give us the same results.

With the following uImage you can see it in QVGA:


The weird thing is that this is with a 480x640 setting for the fb. If
you set 240x320 with the timings from the data sheet you see just blur
picture in white or pink.

We had some interesting prosperities with set 480x640 in the fb and
adjust it to 240x320 with JTAG afterwards. I'll hack up something to
adjust the settings withing the kernel. Of course this is no solution,
but I like to know what is happening there.

Ideas welcome.

Stefan Schmidt
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