Implementing Priority Based Device ALSA device interface. ALSA drivers

Harald Welte laforge at
Thu May 10 09:23:50 CEST 2007

On Tue, May 01, 2007 at 10:07:19PM +0530, Nobin Mathew wrote:

> I am a new to ALSA, I am developing a ALSA ASoC driver.


May I ask for which hardware are you developing?  This mailinglit is
about the openmoko linux kernel, which is currently supporting the FIC
GTA01 and HXD8 hardware.  This is not a general linux kernel or alsa
development list.

> Now the problem is handling of application with different priority.

In OpenMoko, we don't want to handle sound based on priorities, but use
alsa dmix for concurrent playback of multiple applications and mixing.
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