Greetings, and questions about work flow

Arnaud Patard (Rtp) arnaud.patard at
Tue May 15 13:28:37 CEST 2007

Pierre Ossman <drzeus-list at> writes:

Hi !

> Hi everyone,
> For those of you not recognizing my name, I'm the maintainer of the MMC layer in
> the kernel (which makes it possible to read the included SD card).
> I thought I'd get up to speed on how you guys work. "Normal" kernel works
> usually involves a git repo, but I couldn't find one on the wiki. Do you just
> keep replacing the patches in the svn repo when you modify stuff?

Some drivers are coming from different sources, which in turn may not
have a git tree. imho, this may become annoying to handle that with

> Secondly, I'm curious as to what kind of contact you have with Samsung. The wiki
> states you got the SD driver from TomTom, not from Samsung, so I would assume
> not so good.

I'm not a part of the openmoko team but I guess that you're right. This
may also be caused by reasons like Samsung does not see any interest in
developing kernel drivers. They're probably relying on vendors.

> That driver is not a beauty btw, so my first task will probably be to sanitize

hmm... What kind of troubles ? iirc, a very similar version of the driver
was nearly merged by rmk, so it was not so bad... The only issues I've
seen were some things hardcoded but it has been fixed.

> it. Hopefully we can also get it in mainline. That requires a maintainer though,

Seeing it mainline would be nice for other people like me who needs
it. About the maintainer, why don't you ask Thomas Kleffeld ? From what
I heard, he's only overloaded with work but he still provides some
fixes. Maybe Harald can comment on that too.

> and I do not have time to take on that role. Samsung would be preferable, but if
> they're not available, is there anyone else that might be interested?

imho would be better to have someone different from Samsung.


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