any advice to make progress?

Javi Roman javiroman at
Mon Oct 29 19:59:23 CET 2007

I'm looking for the best way to contribute with the current openmoko
kernel state. I have been digging through the kernel bug list,
nevertheless I don't know really what can I do. I have selected the
following open bugs:

GSM TS07.10 multiplex missing:

make sure PMU alarm (set via rtc interface) is persistent

s3c2410fb 8bit mode corrupt:

jffs2 fork error message during kernel bootup:

8 seconds power button timeout no longer working (regression):

The point is I don't if people are working on them, or they are bugs
with minor relevance. So can anybody guide me what can I do, in order
to make progress with openmoko drivers?

Thanks for your time, best regards.

       -Javi Roman

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