"uinput" module

Karsten Ensinger karsten.at.openmoko at onlinehome.de
Thu Sep 27 08:18:52 CEST 2007

I am not sure if this is the correct list, but since a kernel
config parameter is involved, I will give it a try.

I want to use an external bluetooth keyboard with my neo.
Unfortunately the keyboard is NOT a HID device, but an old one
based on SPP (serial port profile).
There is a keyboard deamon called "kbdd" which seems to handle
the keyboard I own.
There was no problem on my linux based laptop to get the keyboard
running using kbdd, but to no avail at my neo.
The kbdd deamon depends on uinput (userspace deamon for injection
of input events) but the kernel config of the neo lacks the
necessary parameters (CONFIG_INPUT_MISC=y and CONFIG_INPUT_UINPUT=y).
In addition to this, the homepage of kbdd suggests to use "keybdev"
also, although my laptop didn't need that to get input from the
Unfortunately I haven't found the CONFIG_INPUT_UINPUT within the
kernel config of the neo at all (not even commented) and am
wondering if this is due to some intention?
Is it just because no one needed this stuff until now, or is it
left out because the core team wants to avoid the usage of this
thing (due to whatever reasons)?
The "keybdev" thing is marked by their authors as a "hack", so I
will try to avoid using this. But what about "uinput"?
It seems to me as a valuable thing which can also be used to
emulate the keyboard input for applications which are not aware
of fingerbased keyboard input without modification of the running
system nor the applications themselves.


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