Atheros AR6001 Wifi Support

Vitaly Luban vitaly at
Fri Apr 4 09:55:52 CEST 2008

 <wstucker at ...> writes:

> Hi, I'm a student at Boston University, trying to implement an Atheros 
> AR6001 Wifi chip on an I(ntel)Mote2. Our os for the Imote2 is 2.4.24 
> kernel. [...]
> I'm then using the Atheros 
> patches modified by Samuel Ortiz.
> The error occurs doing "make modules"
> drivers/sdio/stack/busdriver/sdio_bus_os.c:363:2:#error "CONFIG_PNP not 
> defined"
IIRC, patches done by Samuel Ortiz were against 2.6 kernel and not 2.4, some 
mods may be required for 2.4.

As for PNP_CONFIG, just define it. You do not need to define PNP for ISA bus, 
just generic PNP layer. It's still used by Atheros AR60001 driver.

CONFIG_IP_PNP has nothing to do with PNP, it's just a confusing name for 
kernel-level dhcp client. :)

Hope this helps.


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