[Bug 79] suspend/resume to RAM support

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------- Additional Comments From mwester at dls.net  2008-04-08 19:03 -------
Confirmed.  With the latest kernel, suspend/resume fails most (but not all) of
the time.

With X and GSMD *not* started, nothing plugged into the USB port, and logged in
via the console on the debug board, echoing "mem" to /sys/power/state will cause
a suspend.  Using the AUX button to resume will usually result in an attempt to
resume (as seen on the console), but the console will be unresponsive.  Using
the POWER button to resume will randomly appear to work, or not, and when it
appears to work, it seems to hang the kernel shortly thereafter.  Occasionally
when resuming, the display will go all monochrome, and begin gradually cycling
through colors, changing in subtle patterns through a veritable rainbow of
colors that would have made this a really cool special effect for a 1970's
throwback party!

Work needs to be done to better define the failure mode; suggestions on how to
proceed will be graciously accepted.

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