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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| I'm having some issues with the gta02 hardware:
| 1) sdcard errors accessing more than 1GB. I have a 2GB card and it works
| fine for first 2 partitions when I setup as 512MB/512MB/1GB, but if I
| use the whole card I get errors accessing top 1GB.

Hum.  This is an SDHC card?  Is there some dmesg log about the card?

| 2) I get an annoying click when I turn on the audio amp to get sound out
| of the speakers. The click is extremely loud.

This is fixed in current git.

| I guess the first thing to do is to make sure I have the latest with any
| fixes you have. Which is the best approach? git or quilt patches from
| SVN? I am not very familiar with git. I've done the following from the
| web page:

svn is deprecated for the kernel.  You're doing the right things --->

| git clone git:// linux-2.6
| cd linux-2.6
| git checkout origin/andy
| I've made changes to support some stuff I'm working on. Things like add
| usb/ac power and change the power button to be a menu_key if held less
| than a second. Some other stuff as well.


| This was about a week ago. I've seen changes logged on the web page, but a
| git merge HEAD
| get checkout origin/zecke

Neither of these go out to the remote repo and get new stuff, they just
work with what's in your repo already.  I think to get the updates you
just need

git pull

whether that's all you need I dunno.  I think if you didn't modify
origin/andy but made a branch for your work, with just git pull you will
see the new patches come in origin/andy and you can rebase your working
tree against it.

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