2 SD card slots and rootfs on internal SD card - maybe VFAT + fs images?

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Sun Apr 13 12:52:08 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> Yes I understood it, but then I said to myself we do all that work on a
> new project, and in the end we only supported block access which is not
> very useful over the network (NBD clients are thin on the ground).

It's more a simplistic solution with fewer moving parts. Just
observe what people do to exchange files if they meet carrying just
their laptops.

They usually don't go through the process of setting up WLAN, BT, or
something over USB, simply because it's too complex. Instead, they
copy the files to a USB stick, much like they've done with floppies
when they were toddlers ;-)

What's different in our case is that a) we already have the "right"
USB connector, and b) we can make our side as friendly for the user
and the peer as possible. However, it may still be a relative pain
for the peer to get in touch.

I suppose it would be useful if, at some point in time, someone
could describe the step-by-step processes for copying a file over
such an ad-hoc local networks for the most common operating systems.

If it's easy or at least reasonable, great. If not, we should think
what to do about it. After all, this is projected well beyond the
geek market.

> Access over a network link of some kind is more complete solution:

Certainly, yes. Good support for that should be the highest

- Werner

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