2 SD card slots and rootfs on internal SD card - maybe VFAT + fs images?

Daniel Willmann daniel at openmoko.org
Mon Apr 14 16:08:23 CEST 2008

On Sat, 12 Apr 2008 10:10:57 +0100
Andy Green <andy at openmoko.com> wrote:

> | 2. external card is removable any time - like any removable storage
> u have with
> | sd-card etc. readers on laptops/desktops/anywhere else. this is
> where your | "media" goes - music, photos, movies etc. etc. - stuff
> you like to transfer
> | around and plug in/out of multiple devices and that you may want
> many gb of
> | storage for. buy a few 8gb micro-sd cards and you can traipse
> around a lot of
> | music/videos etc. etc.
> Yes Daniel explained the same things, but when I looked closely at
> it, I didn't really believe it or see it happening.  There are so many
> different physical formats for flash it is super unlikely you have
> another device with microSD, I don't.  I have Sony Memory Stick, USB

The first MP3 player I bought used CF cards. Every other device I
bought after that used SD/a variant thereof.
I would never buy a Sony camera that uses Memory Stick as this is
essentially a dead technology. Only Sony uses it (and even they are
switching AFAIK).
I have an X40 and I use the SD Card Slot on there regularly.

> thumb drives, CF cards, I even have some big oldstyle SD.  I have
> nothing to share that card with.  Daniel mentioned camera pic
> transfer, that can be done in a flash-format-agnostic way using USB
> host to the camera without card ejection.

Not if you have a Canon camera (don't know about other models). Canon
is using PTP (I think it was Picture transfer protocol) and you need
gphoto2 in order to transfer the pictures from it. It also allows you
to control the camera functions to a certain extent (zoom, make a
picture) so it's not completely useless compared to a plain USB storage

> The real question is what leads people to see themselves ejecting that
> SD card?  The answer is because we didn't provide an alternative
> fantasy for them where they see themselves easily and smoothly
> connecting to the SD card storage remotely without touching the
> device and managing the storage space reliably and at high bandwidths
> from a PC or whatever.

BTW, would the external (µ)SD slot have SDIO capability? That might be
a selling point.

Daniel Willmann
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