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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> Yes Daniel explained the same things, but when I looked closely at
|> it, I didn't really believe it or see it happening.  There are so many
|> different physical formats for flash it is super unlikely you have
|> another device with microSD, I don't.  I have Sony Memory Stick, USB
| The first MP3 player I bought used CF cards. Every other device I
| bought after that used SD/a variant thereof.
| I would never buy a Sony camera that uses Memory Stick as this is
| essentially a dead technology. Only Sony uses it (and even they are
| switching AFAIK).
| I have an X40 and I use the SD Card Slot on there regularly.

I guess this is the basis of some of the disagreement, I have exactly
one device with SD card here -- and I have a lot of other devices -- and
that is an old AT32 evaluation board.

| BTW, would the external (µ)SD slot have SDIO capability? That might be
| a selling point.

Reading the datasheet, as far as I can make out there are three equal
MMC / SD / SDIO peripherals on the CPU, so if the physical form factor
allowed it, it should offer SDIO.  (But the datasheet doesn't come out
and say that directly curiously enough).

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