2 SD card slots and rootfs on internal SD card - maybe VFAT + fs images?

joerg at openmoko.org joerg at openmoko.org
Wed Apr 16 04:26:34 CEST 2008

Am Sa  12. April 2008 schrieb Werner Almesberger:
> For me, the main occasion where I use removable Flash media for data
> exchange is when traveling and I don't have my usual infrastructure
> at hand and setting up networking may be difficult.

That's exactly the reason for external media: to carry around lots of them 
when not within reach of a high bandwith network.
When I go to Taipei, I like to carry with me maybe 50 full length videos. It's 
best to have them on removable media, not on an external drive, USB-stick or 

So *I LIKE second SD-card*! There has to be a way to literally push data 
inside GTA04/xx within 0.5 sec.


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