[Bug 79] suspend/resume to RAM support

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------- Additional Comments From mwester at dls.net  2008-04-16 05:00 -------
With the above two patches added, the GTA01 seems to be almost functioning in
terms of suspend/resume of the kernel (I'm not yet considering user-space). 
Several major open items include:

a) when booted to console mode (i.e. no X server), the screen is all white on
resume; the expected behavior is that the text content of the display should be
restored on resume.

b) console interference with the GSM modem may still exist; several anomalies
were noted in the console output that imply that the serial FIFOs are not empty
when the serial port is switched to and from the GSM device; this can't help
with syncronization with the modem.   (Another problem is a user-space issue;
the stty commands were removed from the gsmd startup script leaving the console
non-functional when gsmd exists.)

The combination of (a) and (b) makes debugging of the GSM device during
suspend/resume very difficult, but the real blocking problem is (a).  The
framebuffer console is the only functional place to log debug data while the GSM
device is active; thus we need to get that functioning over suspend/resume
cycles in order to work on the real big issue, which is (c):

c) The GSM device cannot reliably wake the CPU while the CPU is suspended.  I
have two GTA01s, with different firmware.  With the same kernel and rootfs,
sending SMS messages to each results in no activity.  Incoming phone calls will
wake one of the two, but not the other.  The one that wakes does not answer the
call; this is probably the missing characters after resume problem noted
elsewhere by the community.

This is the current status, then. Any suggestions or assistance in solving the
display/framebuffer console suspend/resume issue would be gratefully accepted. 
Once that's resolved, we'll be at parity with the 2.6.22 kernel on the GTA01,
and we can begin work on characterizing and resolving the GSM modem wakeup issues.

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