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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

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| Delta give our BT module which is UART interface only run 921.6K bcsp.
| We don't know it's enough for our application.
| I found the new PMU (wolfson WM8350) doesn't have PCM interface for BT.
| Therefore, we must think about which BT interface we need?

Good thing to find Allen!

If we have 2 x 16-bit samples for stereo then we can only manage about
23Ksps rate at 921Kbps UART.  The A2DP stuff does allow operation at
16Ksps which would fit, but it would suck, we would want to allow 48Ksps
for the nice high quality bluetooth headphones.

I look at the Delta DBFM-CS320 datasheet and the PCM interface there is
quite adaptive, it can accept LRCK or one clock SYNC for example.  We
need to study if Bluetooth PCM can interface directly to WM8350 Codec
I2S bus instead of PCM port we used before.  Then CPU and Bluetooth can
share who drives the Codec I2S bus if it is possible?

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