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On Mon, 21 Apr 2008 10:28:54 +0100 Andy Green <andy at> babbled:

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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | quick one guys - where do i very quickly and reliably find out:
> |
> | 1. if bluetooth is up and active (what /proc or /sys magic file do i need)
> One way is to parse /proc/bus/usb/devices... BT module has power and a
> reset thing, but looking at those states doesn't tell you if it is ready
> for duty.  Or, if the BT device makes a network interface, test for
> presence of that.

herein lies the rub. no such thing on my gta02 kernel :
( BUT ... /sus/bus/usb/devices/... is there but it seems to only cover the usb
host - even then i am not entirely sure whihc of the magic files let me
entirely determine info about being a usb host or device there... hrrrm...

as for bluetooth - dont see anything driver-wise, userspace-tool-wise to fiddle
with it, nor anything i can hunt down on the usb bus either... :(

> | 2. usb - when someone connects via usb (yes i can piggyback on the
> power system
> | saying its connected to power and charging but really i want to detect
> ANY usb
> | connectivity - be it being plugged into a host, or a gadget being
> plugged in).
> |
> | got any quick and dirties for me?
> Same guy will help if we are being a host, I'll meddle around and see
> about being a gadget.
> - -Andy
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