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Mon Apr 21 14:06:21 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Very sure our RTC should move from PMU to MPU.
| So is there any more need to have a backup battery for the PMU? Can we
| the battery between 50366 and 430?
| Andy: ts scanning won't keep the MPU awake, a touch is triggering a
| hw-interupt on the A/D-input of 430. So no touch, no op (not even NOP ;)

Don't we have to go around driving X then Y plane?  Is it OK to drive
one plane all the time from a power POV, if that's what goes on?

| So anybody here who's unhappy with the MSP430FG4618?
| Before I start to read the next 100 pages of manual to check if it
meets our
| specs.

The price is a lot... I hope this price doesn't bear any resemblance to
the "FIC price" because it is a bit hard to defend blowing $13 on this
MPU.  I think we probably did some overkill needing 8K of RAM, 1K or
maybe 2K should be fine.

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