next-generation PMU discussion / Memory 1.8V

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Apr 21 15:18:02 CEST 2008

joerg at wrote:
> Probably it's been silly I do this, whereas Werner as well as you both 
> probably know better of this product series. 

I only know about the MSP430 what I found in a few hours of "window
shopping" with TI, Digi-Key (my great reality check whether a chip
really exists in the real world), and Google (reality check for
development tools).

Chips that I've actually worked with are Microchip PIC16 (aka spawn of
evil), Cypress PSoC (amazing flexibility meets a retarded CPU core),
and Atmel AVR (old skool but comfty).

> ps: [just kidding:] we already *have* a MPU even in GTA02. It does near 
> nothing most of the time and sits inside our GSM chips. Why not use this 
> one? ;-) We already paid for it.

Heh, and that one's EOL, so it's definitely going away in GTA04 ;-)

- Werner

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