eth0 not get from HAL on gta02

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Tue Apr 22 00:31:18 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi List,
|    Is anyone has any idea about why the HAL cannot get eth0 on gta02
| with current kernel and rootfs.
| In gta02 HAL detect usb0 well,  but not the eth0.
|    Is something has to be added on HAL fdi or there something missed
| with the wifi driver?

Hi Tick -

I don't know hal well, but grepping my Fedora fdi for eth, net, wlan
does not give relevant hits so I don't think it makes the problem.

But I wonder if the issue is we do not use a normal 80211 stack like
mac80211 which takes care about announcing the network interface somehow
so that hal understands a new interface has come o can enumerate it
somehow by IOCTL (WLAN does love IOCTLs).  Does it maybe change the
situation if you restart hal after the WLAN network interface is up?

I guess you need to go look at hal sources to get the definitive clue.

- -Andy

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