next-generation (now) MPU discussion / RAM/ROM-size requirements

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Apr 24 08:26:03 CEST 2008

joerg at wrote:
> Keeping the "save"-state and not messing around with these state changes of 
> PMU. (though I don't see any big difference between save and off state, 
> except for RTC and some lowpower-supply chain).

The PCF50633 resets registers to mask-programmed defaults depending on
state. Some registers only reset in NoPower while others reset in

This "when does what reset to which value" business is very complicated
and it's easy to overlook some details.

> Right. Just wondering how many devices we have to sell to break even on 
> bargain_on_chip/unit(hw-supply)./.additional_effort_for_small_chip(sw-manpower).

A small chip may actually save time by not tempting us to do too
much with it ;-)

- Werner

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