Some questions about PCF50633: reset value of some registers, the use of DCDC/LDO's output at
Fri Apr 25 07:05:55 CEST 2008


In a post named "next-generation PMU discussion", Werner Almesberger said that: 
NXP is "the devil we know", since their default settings aren't described clearly.

I meet the same problem for my PDA based S3C2440 now. I "goolge" for it for long time,
and find this maillist. Help me please, if somebody know something about that.

In the datasheet of PCF50633, there are some words such as "Reset values are determined by the IC variant".
But I can't find the further description for that.
So, I have 2 questions:
1. What is the reset value of some registers of PCF50633? Can you give some documents? 
It seems that the documents of PCF50633 are not open. I can get some from, but that aren't enough.
2. What is the difference between the PART numbers PCF50633HN/04/N3 and PCF50633HN/05/N3? 
I see that the PCF50633HN/04/N3 can't work in GTA02v1.

The last questions:
What are the AUTO, DOWN1 and DOWN2 converters used for ? What are the LDOs used for ?
There are so many consumers: the CPU core 1.8V, SDRAM 3.3 V, CPU IO 3.3V, LCM, and so on. And there are many ouputs from PCF50633 too.
So,  who supply who?

Thank you!

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